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Dropping Jars

Shad Foley/Steve Nance from Solace Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma brings us this lovely vintage design.

32’X12′ stick framed wall with over 100 wood pallets cut up and randomly stacked
Over 250 Edison bulbs
6 – Large Edison Chandeliers over the crowd
40+ – Single Edison Drops over the stage
12 Chroma-Q Colorforce 12s
12 Macv101s

Solace-Catalyst-Easter-Brett-Pics-2016-5 Solace-Catalyst-Easter-Brett-Pics-2016-17 Solace-Youth-3-23-2016-8 Solace-Youth-3-23-2016-11 Solace-Youth-3-23-2016-17 untitled-8-of-79

Lit Truss Throwback: Stained Paper Panels

5 responses to “Dropping Jars”

  1. this looks great; where did you get the Edison chandeliers?

  2. Bonnie Tinder says:

    I absolutely love this design. Can I ask what the approximate cost for materials were? I’d love to recreate this for my church. Thank you in advance.

    • Bonnie Tinder says:

      I’m particularly interested in the cost of the Edison Light chandelier (1) and the pallet wall.

    • Shad Foley says:

      Thanks Bonnie! We had approximately $500 in the wood wall design. We built a stick framed wall and finished the front with 3/16″ OSB. Then we randomly nailed the pallet material over the front. We gathered the pallets free locally. The Chandeliers and light drops were rented from Integrity Lighting in Tulsa. This is their website if you would like more info on renting.

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