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Arron Hartt from Gateway Baptist Church in Irmo, SC brings us this squared stage design.

This design was based on a stage design from July 2015 at North Point church.

They saw their stage and began to slowly figure out how they could make it their own and also build it. There was no article out there from North Point so they had to figure it out on their own.

They went to Lowes and started looking at sheets of plywood and ended up going with pre cut squares of subfloor in the thinnest sheets they could find. They cut the front panel of the square down 2 inches on each side and painted it black. Then for the back panel they painted it glossy white so that the LED’s would bounce the light out.

From there they needed to create the gap between the two sheets of subfloor so they got some carriage bolts and they used 3 nuts to secure the front panel to the nut. Then they used the second nut to act as a buffer and then third to secure the last panel to the bolt. And they did this in all four corners of the square.

After they did all of that and made sure all the paint was dry, they were ready to start wiring the squares. So they drilled a hole in the back panel to run power and DMX. Then they attached the DMX decoder to the back panel using the mounting holes. After that was done, they wired the LED tape by using super glue and the original adhesive on the tape. They added two strands on each square and used the bolt as guide to position the tape.

And after they finished all of that they just duplicated that process over and over again until it was finished.

Crowd IMG_0335 IMG_0352 IMG_0743 Inside-square Inside-squarebolt Just-sara   Square1 SQUAREBUILDHELP-01

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12 responses to “Squarely”

  1. Phyllis Sherer says:

    Very cool!
    It’s Irmo, SC… not Irma, SC ;)

  2. Maurio says:

    What was used to control DMX? The little black box, what is that and where can I get that?

  3. Maurio says:

    DMX control.. What’s that box? Need to know where to get that.

  4. Ryan Herrera says:

    How is enough power and signal being run to each?

    Thank You,

  5. Juan,

    Is the setup ran off only 1 decoder?

    Would something like this work?

    And does it give you multiple channels to make chases/fades within each LED strip?


    • Arron Hartt says:


      Thats what you need for sure. Yes after you hook the LED strip up to the decoder you can control each strip from your lighting console. And no each square has a decoder so we can control each square separately.

  6. Tyler says:

    How long of led strips did you guys use? And if you could also find out where from?

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