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Drum Shell

Robert Mays from the BLOCK at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY brings us this combination of PVC and plastic paneling.

They wanted a design that would work in multiple formats. So they decided to layer the different types of lighting. They wanted to be able to have a warm, old fashioned layer, a layer of powerful color, and a layer that had lots of motion.

To start, they went with a PVC tube set that was left over from a set that their main service did a while ago. They lit the PVC tubing from the top and bottom with LED lights.

They wanted to set the band stand apart from the PVC tubing, so they used plastic paneling to wrap a V-shaped truss that sat behind the band and lit it with LED lighting. Then they placed 24 Par 56 lights behind the PVC to give them their furthest layer and the warm look they desired. With those two layers in place, they only needed to place their moving lights downstage of the set to give them their 3rd layer for motion. The cost of the set was low because they recycled a set from a previous design.











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  1. Chris Burgin says:

    Hi! Why is this named Drum Shell when the article seems to be missing of any information about the “Drum Shell”. Also. Dope Set.

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