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Easter aLive

DJ Serrecchia from The Retro Church in Farmingville, New York brings us this livestream setup for their Easter services.

Teklite Associates provided all equipment.

-2 White LED Flood Lights (Front Lighting for Filming)
-3 LED ProPA Tubes (Background Lighting)
-2 LED OPPSK PARS (Backlight)
-ETC Nomad Lighting Console w/ Touchscreen

-Fully Mic’d Band (18Ch)
>4 VOX (2 WL, 2 BU)
>Keys DI’d
>Bass DI’d
>Acoustic Guitar DI’d
>Drums (5 Mics)
-Mackie ProFX16
-Recorded Audio on Studio One for MAC

-Keynote for Lyrics for Band and online to follow.
-Custom Countdown Video Created Based off of CMG Graphics.
-Custom Video Close ups taken.

Floating Solar System Top Down Lines

One response to “Easter aLive”

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! It’s a true honor. We’re a new church plant here in Long Island, NY. If anyone wants more information, check us out @theretrochurch

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