Easter Designs

Easter Lightning

Tim Sherwood from Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa brings us this cool Easter LED tape design.

For this set they went back to the LED tape look. Tim was inspired by an Instagram picture from Brightness Blog and went from there. They had taken a break from the LED tape for a couple of sets and Tim decided to break it back out for this one. The two large pieces were simply 1/4″ luan painted flat black and cut to give them the backdrop. The zig zag look was achieved by using 3″wide 1/4″ luan strips painted flat white. They like to lift up the pieces their LED tape is going to hit to help dissipate the beam and make it appear wider. So they cut some wedges from a 2×4 to elevate the white strips. Their LED tape is simply attached to some outside corner trim held in place by packaging tape. Then they added a cross made from 30 vintage squirrell cage bulbs purchased from 1000bulbs.com. In the pictures you can see the DMX decoders they used and the LED tape they purchased. One of the cool things about this set was depending on where you are in the room the main pieces go between a 2d and a 3d feel. All together the set came in around $600. Other lighting on the stage included ETC Selador Vivid R and Robe Robin spots.










Weaved Easter Pipe Slots

2 responses to “Easter Lightning”

  1. Livin Productions says:

    What do you guys recommend best for glueing on LED strips (most of the strips come with crappy adhesive backings)

    • Tim Sherwood says:

      Hey man. We typically use the adhesive and then reinforce that with clear packaging tape right over the top. 12″-18″ strips with about 4-6″ in between. Works well for us and doesn’t show up when lit

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