Stage Designs


Duncan Campbell from New Braunfels Church of Christ in New Braunfels, TX brings us this cool polygon stage design.

From Duncan: Our youth group participated in San Antonio Work Camp, for which we built the stage. I was really inspired by Bryan Copperthite’s 3D Pyramid design at Grace Community Church, and wanted to make a similar version for a smaller space. Our tweak was to add more and more dimension to the design over the course of days and sessions of worship. This required screwing and re-screwing the backdrop to the frame with varying levels of undulation. We just experimented until it looked right and the texture caught the light really well. The theme of Work Camp was “One Heart,” and for the final night, we took the backdrop completely off the rigging and shaped it into a 3D heart in the middle of the room to match the theme graphic. We lit it from the inside with 8 LED Par Cans and even made it pulse to a heart beat sound effect for the final session.

  • 8 sheets of 4×8 Coroplast, cut into 16 triangles each
  • 6 rolls duct tape
  • 10 2x4s and screws for the frame
  • Black spray paint to mask frame
  • 8 SLIMpar 64s from the youth ministry.

We could have mapped the wall and the heart with video, but we decided to keep it simple and just use lighting to tell the story.

With a bigger budget or for a bigger space, I would have used gaff tape and I would have had the triangles cut professionally for precision. But for this space, cutting them by hand and using duct tape worked fine.

Also be sure to check out Duncan’s book, Thin Places.

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