Stage Designs

Light & Jagged

Troy Jansen from CityLife Church in Wantira South, Australia brings us this awesome look.

From Troy: This service was built to run like a TV show, absolutely seamless whilst keeping the congregation engaged.

In this set we absolutely had to have a big screen and a big screen we delivered from our LED suppliers WooHah Productions.

The screen was made of 3mm LED. The set had custom triangles produced. The lighting rig simply supported the set.

We had a 4 camera shoot with the jib running on the floor.

Most of the lighting packages was programmed by our 15 year old lighting legend.

We ran full QLAB to trigger tracks, centre and side screens.

We brought over our other campus FOH console (vi3000) to mix online.

My role in the event was the director, I built the show from the ground up. My team included:

2 FOH operators
2 monitors operators
3 broadcast mix operators
2 lighting guys
1 show call
1 stage manager
1 Director
1 DA
4 camera ops
1 VPS operator

This has been the biggest event I’ve work on from the ground up.

Polygonal Texture and Light Dots

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