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Throwback: Lovely Layers

Chris Willard from Crossview Covenant Church in North Mankato, MN brings us this awesome us of screening. Using the same technique as yesterday’s stage design combined with a bit of layering, he created a great look!

He used a similar technique of purchasing aluminum screening and scrunching it up. He used a 4 foot wide screen and covered the back of their stage. To add some depth he created some black frames and placed them behind the aluminum screening. Behind that he used sharkstooth scrim. He lit it all with LED fixtures.

To add another element he created a cross out of PVC.

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10 responses to “Throwback: Lovely Layers”

  1. Josh Ferris says:

    Very cool, love the texture. Well done.

  2. Steven Hall says:


    This is an amazing set. Great job. The layers look amazing. Keep up you beautiful work for the Kingdom of God.


  3. Duane Dodge says:

    looks awesome !!!!! did you light the cross with its own fixture ?

    • Chris Willard says:

      Yeah, the cross had it’s own LED. I look at the pic now and see that I sent a picture of the cross rigging before I went up and painted it black. After painting the rigging black, the cross appeared to float in space without shiny “ears” at the top.

  4. Steve Hall says:

    love to know what products you used for the back drop

  5. Wes says:

    Where did you purchase aluminum sheets that long?

  6. Wes says:

    What gauge were the aluminum sheets? and much did it cost?

  7. Rachel says:

    What gauge were the sheets? How far from the wall was the aluminum screen placed? How many and what kind of LED fixtures? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to figure it out as we’d like to do something similar. Thought maybe about LED bricks? Not sure what’s the cheapest way to go. Any help appreciated!

  8. Alex Stave says:

    What type of scrim material did you use for the squares in front of the window screen?

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