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Throwback: Zigs and Zags

Josh Hubble from Faith Family Church in Victoria, Texas brings us this beautiful use of color and texture.

First they built frames varying in size from 2’x4′, 2’x8′, 4’x4′ and 4’x8′. They constructed the frames from 2×4 studs and attached them to supports with 12′ 2×6 uprights on 3/4″ Plywood bases. The bases measured 4′ 3″x4′ and 2′ 3″x4′. They stapled the screen on the top face of the panel. Then they unrolled it and crumpled it up. They stapled the rest down and cut it.

The fiberglass comes in 8’x26″ sheets so they had to cut it to the right sizes.

They arranged the panels in the uprights by making sure they were flush on front and back – with an inch of separation.

They lit the set with 6 Chauvet COLORado Tour LED pars on the front panels, and 5 Wybron Nexera Profiles on the back large panels. The front panels were lit from underneath, and the rear from above. By doing that they created opposing shadows.

They mounted their series logo between two of the supports to eliminate the need for overhead rigging or ground support.

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5 responses to “Throwback: Zigs and Zags”

  1. Steven Hall says:

    Wow, This is amazing. Josh you and your team are amazing! I love the way it is built, lit, and looks. I love the multiple surface types. It’s very dimensional and provides an amazing visual. This is easily one of the best sets I have seen. Phenomenal work for the kingdom!


  2. Brian says:

    I love the simplicity of the design.
    It comes alive with the lighting and brings depth to the stage.

  3. Very awesome!! Love the depth you got by zig zagging the panels.

  4. Speechless. Consider this amazing, creative, God-given idea borrowed.

  5. Ryan Spencer says:

    Genius idea

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