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Equilateral Checkers

Nic Vazquez from Willow Creek Crystal Lake in Crystal Lake, IL brings us this awesome triangular stage design.

From Nic: For our Easter 2017 set design we partnered with ModScenes by using their Aggro Crag Panels. We have heard about this product from other locations and were really excited for the opportunity to use the product for two different reasons; We were excited for the fresh and different design it would give us for our Easter 2017 service as well as a permanent backdrop in one of our smaller venues once we are done with it.

The ModScenes staff were great to work with and quick to respond to any of our questions while considering their product. A curveball to this was for Easter we wanted to use their product in a different approach than it is designed for. The Aggro Crag panels are designed and equipped to connect directly together. Whereas, our design called for an “every other” approach (see pictures). This made things interesting when it came to attachment where each of our panels had to be attached individually. So while this added time and ingenuity, we really enjoy the outcome.

How this set is attached is by using our existing upstage vertical pipe grid. Given the idea that our stage does not have much depth, we decided to use the vertical real estate instead. “The Grid” has been monumental to our stage designs and the ease of hanging lighting fixtures and scenic in really any configuration we wish. With the use of the Aggro Crag panels, we attached 2- 1.5″ conduit pipe clamps directly to each panel and mounted them individually to the grid. In some instances we had to add some extra pipe rows on the grid to allow the panels to line up well top to bottom.

Here is the list of materials (minus the pipe grid):
48 – ModScenes Aggro Crag Panels (12 packs)
85 – 1.5″ Conduit Pipe Clamps (Menards SKU: 3656273)

As for Lighting we did an approach from the top and bottom as well as middle “fillers”. If you reference a stage picture we use 3 Chauvet Pro Colorado Batten 72’s on the top of each side, and a row of 11 Chauvet Pro Colorado Batten 72’s across the bottom. We have the fixtures programmed in 3 cell mode to really get the amazing color opportunities available. We also have 5 of the Colorado 1 Tours across the top middle portion that is hidden by the screen, and 2 of the 1 Tours on the top of each side that fill the middle areas a bit.

All in all, we really have enjoyed this design and are super happy with the product. My favorite feature has to be the unique angles and the opportunity to “paint” them in color with lighting in so many different ways.

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6 responses to “Equilateral Checkers”

  1. Glendale Matias says:

    How were the triangles made?

  2. Matt Smith says:

    With the use of the Aggro Crag panels, we attached 2- 1.5″ conduit pipe clamps directly to each panel and mounted them individually to the grid.

    I’d love to see a picture of how this was done.

  3. Isaiah peter says:

    Hello. Please what projector are you using? Thanks

  4. Alex Garcia says:

    can someone help me with how to make the grid? Like what are the materials used to make one?

  5. Michaelle Bown says:

    Wondering about the actual qty & cost of the ModScenes Aggro Crag Panels used? Your info indicates you used 48 – ModScenes Aggro Crag Panels (12 packs). I’m only seeing them on the website per piece at $99 each piece. Is that correct?
    Thanks for any clarification! Michaelle

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