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Easter Projected

Darrin Williams, Kerrie Smith, John Plastow, Kevin Miller from Greeley Wesleyan Church in Greeley, CO brings us this Easter stage design with environmental projection as a key element.

Their stage design for Holy Week used Environmental Projection, lighting, and big 3D stage props to bring their vision for each service to life. For Palm Sunday, they had huge wood columns with Palms hanging between the screens, 3D Lettering saying “He Came To Save”, and light boxes built to match the coloring that they would use throughout the week. They used styrofoam letters with spray paint which was a trick to do without melting the materials. On Good Friday they added tons of linked chain over the stage, hanging from the ceiling connected to a big cross in front the of stage with the lettering changed to “He Broke Our Chains.” Then for Easter they hung a bird they made out of wood and fabric and projected 3D images and text on it apart from the Environmental Projection saying “We Are Set Free”.

Darrin Williams designed all the projection. Kerrie Smith, John Plastow, and Darrin Williams led a creative team to build the stage design. Kevin Miller did the lighting. They got the light-box idea from Benjamin Davis of Crowley TX. The rest of the ideas were thought of in-house.















Flora Multi Point Light

2 responses to “Easter Projected”

  1. Judy says:

    Awesome story. I sing in their choir.

  2. kim says:

    I love all the layers. what type of projector do you have?

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