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Jennifer Crossley from First Baptist Wylie in Wylie, TX brings us this flowery stage design for Easter.

They chose to go for a simple stage this Easter. They made paper flowers using heavyweight 46# plotter paper. They had a team cutting out leaves and petals and others gluing the flowers together in various sizes. The banner was designed and printed on a plotter and attached to the wall. The flowered were attached by staple gun and arranged as they went.

The trees were limbs that had been collected from some tree trimming that had recently been done around the church. They were spray painted white and then placed in a pot filled with quick drying cement. Small flowers and leaves were attached by hot glue.

They used the lighting they had to give them a beautiful colored effect.

Paper: 1 Roll 46in 46# paper $50.00
Hot Glue Sticks: $3.00
Quick drying Cement: $20.00
Flower Pots: $4.00

Total: $77.00








O Crown Easter Projected

9 responses to “Flora”

  1. Beautiful!!! Great job! Love that you did a variation in types of flowers and sizes! It gives it so much more dimension!

  2. Connie Briscoe says:

    You are so talented Jennifer. The flowers on stage were beautiful! Thank you for your hard work!!

  3. mtandazo says:

    waaaal so beautiful

  4. Is there a way to get directions for putting the flowers together?

  5. Calitia says:

    I would love for the directions to this as well.

  6. Melissa says:

    Directions would be great!
    For both the flowers and the letters. :)

  7. Nanette Phillips says:

    Was anyone about to get directions on putting together the flowers?

  8. Diane Collins says:

    There are a lot of links on Youtube for flower making. Below is an example:


    We plan on making something like this for Easter. This is beautiful! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

  9. Roxana says:

    Does someone know how they made the letters ???

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