Easter Designs

O Crown

Crystal Knight from Christian Fellowship in Ashburn, Virginia brings us these words on their stage, with a crown of thorns as the “O”.

Dollar Store Items
16 Pool Noodles – $16
Box of Toothpicks – $1
2 packs of floral wire – $2
Kraft Paper – 2 rolls – $2
Packing Tape – $3.49
Twine 25ft – $2.99
Spray Paint – Rust-o-Leum matte finish with primer
Light, med and dark browns around $6 a can

For their ongoing sermon series, they created the word GRACE from Komtext Foam panels from Harbor Sales. For Easter, they wanted to add HOPE and PEACE with the O in hope being a crown of thorns and the last E in peace a dove. Artwork was sent to Harbor Sales and they cut out the letters for them for a cost of around $14 plus the cost of the board. The crown was made from pool noodles, toothpicks, packing tape, kraft paper and spray paint.

Crystal created a circle out of 4 noodles and using toothpicks at each end, she put them together and used tape to seal the ends together. She also threaded through some craft wire to give stability to the first circle. She then braided the other noodles around the first circle to create the crown. Crystal stressed the surface of the noodles by dragging her nails over them and pulling out pieces to create a wood effect. She cut kraft paper into strips and rolled cones at various lengths and trimmed the ends at an angle. She then cut the angled end to create flaps so she could attach the thorns to the crowns with T-pins and tape. Finally she started with the lightest brown and sprayed the whole crown including the thorns. She then used the other colors to add depth. The crown was attached with packing wire to a truss system. The letters were mounted using industrial strength Velcro.







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