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Easter’s Falling

Harrison Meeks from Lindale Church in Houston, TX brings us this this Easter stage design.

Their colorful Easter concept was low cost — using four 4′ x 20′ sections of inexpensive cheese cloth, gathering it at two points on either side of the center screen, then swagging out near the bottom. They secured it at the floor with simple safety pins. They also used LED lighting bars in the baptistry to create a shadowbox effect on the back curtain which was a silver satin (bought at a local craft store) with the silhouette of the cross.

The cross flats on either side of the stage were simply built with 2″x 4″s to create a frame and the white stretch fabric was stapled to the back and lit from the bottom.

All materials only cost $800 (fabric, wood, fasteners).



Bowls and Stripes Scripted

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  1. Tido says:

    Way to go, Harrison!

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