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Bowls and Stripes

Patrick Maxwell from Victory Christian Center in Lake Butler, FL brings us this use of Coroplast and styrofoam bowls.

Patrick worked on this design by himself, making it a 7-hour process.

First, Patrick created the symmetric shapes on the side walls with some styrofoam bowls, which was only $1/pack (30 in each pack). It took 3 packs to complete the process. He used white thumb tacks to attach them to the wall. The biggest challenge was to make sure both sides were symmetrical. Patrick used Slim Par 56 lights, which were $59 each, to shine on them and give them a color effect.

To create the stripe look, he attached three 2’x4’s to the back wall. He then spray painted each board black. Patrick purchased three 4’x8′ Coroplast sheets from their local sign shop for $20 each. He cut each sheet in 16” strips and attached them to the 2’x4’s. He made sure each were evenly spaced. To finish it off, Patrick placed four color strips ($139 each) above the strips to give it a colorful effect.

Total cost of the whole project was roughly $800.




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6 responses to “Bowls and Stripes”

  1. Pergina says:

    I love it!!!!!!! Awesome Job Pastor Patrick Maxwell!!!

  2. LaShonda says:

    Pastor you did an amazing job with the stage…thank you sir

  3. Ella says:

    Awesome stage design!

  4. Joseph Davis says:

    Looks great Pastor. Keep going and growing VCC Lake Butler!

  5. pls i love the design am in nigeria how can my church get such designs

  6. tari says:

    Nice design. please link of where one can purchase those Styrofoam bowls. thanks

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