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Jumbled Pallet Tree Shapes

Manuel Macias from The Sanctuary in Hazelwood, MO brings us this unique use of pallets.

The stage was built predominately out of pallet boards Manuel found behind grocery stores, business, etc.

He spent about $175 on screws, finish nails, ax blades for sawzall, the cheapest plywood and lumber he could get at Lowes (for the main part of the backdrop), and two cup holders for the pulpit.

When he started working on the stage, he needed something cheap because the Youth Department’s budget was only $300. He wanted it to be over the top, but with the budget being so low, he had to think cheap. This was the cheapest way to go.

1. He framed up the backdrop. It was 24 feet long (most of the cost).

2. Started breaking down the pallets he found. He used about 50-60 pallets. Breaking down the pallets was the most time consuming part of the job. He used a sawzall with an ax blade.

3. Started nailing the pallets onto the backdrop. It took about 4 or 5 hours.

4. Took a modern standard pulpit measurements, built it, then flipped it upside down to be slanted. Then started nailing pallet boards onto it. The whole process took about 3 hours.

5. After putting everything in place, the platform still looked a little empty. He had a lot of pallets left over. He thought about using small trees, but decided to try and make pallet trees. The only cost was the finish nails he used.








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