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Echoing String

Brendan Krismer from Prescott Christian Church in Prescott, AZ brings us this fun mixtures of string panels and LED tape.

From Brendan: For this set, we used a couple of different element. First, we built 7 string art panels to be lit on the inside run with LED strip. I didn’t document much in regards to building them because all of the info can be found here:

Next we added 5 diffuse LED strip bars on either side of center stage. These are simply 6.6 ft pieces of LED strip inside of aluminum channels with diffusers, like you might use for under cabinet lighting.

Now these didn’t diffuse the light quite as much as I wanted on their own, so I used shower curtain material to wrap each piece of LED strip before enclosing them in the diffuser.

Lastly, we rearranged the 24 ADJ 12h bars that we have throughout the room, over stage, and floated two of them to accent the other lighting elements.

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