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Vincent Lai from BCCM Tanjung Aru in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia brings us this cool geometric look.

From Vincent: DIY cardboard tetrahedrons attached onto upturned tables with spotlights. Was used as stage backdrop for a small youth conference of 120 teens. 5 panels, with 4 panels representing the team colors and the middle one set on white to represent Christ in the centre.

1. Used recycled cardboards to cut out tetrahedrons.
2. Each panel had 40 tetrahedrons. Stuck them onto disposed paper and hung over an upturned table.
3. Set spotlights into position
4. Complete!
5. Side cloths and origami butterflies not included, were added on separately.

1. Paint (MYR12 = USD3)
2. 5x Spotlights (MYR400 = USD100)
3. 5x tables (Free: borrowed from church)

Columns and Mod Scenes Jagged Back

One response to “Tetrahedronal”

  1. Trevor Ackerman says:

    I’m looking to build a stage 6400 x 4400 x 200 with a 20 mm top . with plug points and speaker cable holes to run to and from mixer and overhead projector.
    i like the design and set up please advise what material was used . we are a church which is just over a year and we are growing .
    Please assist

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