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Jagged Back

Steven Hall from Timber Creek Fellowship in Norman, OK brings us this great Mod Scenes design.

From Steven: This summer our church moved into a new building and needed a quick stage design.

Our move in was pretty quick, so we needed it quick. We only had a few days between our move in day and our first service. As with any move we had a ton to do to get the building ready and our stage design needed to be easy.

We decided to use a Keystone Projection Screen for our center screen and Agon panels from Mod Scenes. We created strips of a geometric pattern with the Agon panels and used the Keystone Screen as our center projection screen.

For this project we had a very limited budget. We purchased used panels from Mod Scenes and asked for a discount as well.

To hang our Mod Scenes panels on the wall we used drywall screws with washers at the top. It made it really easy as we could have teams build everything on the ground and have one person hanging the rows as we went.

We used Colorblast 12 LEDs to light the scenic, Elation Six par 300s for sidelight, and 8- Mac 301 Washes for back light.

Tetrahedronal Star Falls

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