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Epic Easter

Brad McCraw from Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria brings us this this Easter celebration of epic proportions.

This year, Christ’s Church of the Valley dared to take on the challenge of gathering all 6 campuses in one location for one massive Easter celebration. Venues in the Phoenix area large enough to hold the projected 50,000 people quickly narrowed down to one: University of Phoenix Stadium. Not only did the projected 50,000 show up, but they also brought some friends. Approximately 54,000 people showed up to celebrate the risen Savior at Cardinals Stadium with Christ’s Church of the Valley!

Taking on a production of this magnitude required all hands on deck. The entire CCV Staff had to come together as one team operating as one unit rather than as individual campuses. Production Lead, Brad McCraw, collaborated with vendors, contractors, and specialists all across the country to ensure the success of this event.

Production Lead, Brad McCraw, describes the production challenge of Easter at the Stadium: “Our biggest obstacle was going into the biggest, emptiest room in the state of Arizona and trying to create the same quality of experience that all of our campuses have come to expect each week. When you work on a church staff, there’s still a weekend every weekend. Preparing for Easter demanded a large chunk of hours of my day every day starting just after Christmas. Our internal production staff was also a critical part of pre-production and actual production going into this event. I knew our team was capable of creating a fantastic experience. Our Production Team did everything from staging to audio setup and they all rose to the occasion in a big way.”

Here’ s a glimpse at what it took to pull this off. CCV Easter at the Stadium by the numbers:

1 Stadium
31 IEM Mixes
3 Audio Consoles
2 Lighting Consoles
102 Audio Inputs
1 Jib
600 Volunteers
60 Mics
8 Lycian Spot Lights
10 Channels of ClearCom
3 T-Shirt Shooters
2 Hashtags
17 Pre-Produced Videos
22 Guitars
50 Production Show Crew
10 Cameras
50,000 Donuts
3 Show Flows
10 Stage Plots
60 Nexus Panels
53,000 People









View More: http://monicastanleyphotography.pass.us/ccv-easter-2015

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