Stage Designs

Throwback: Fabric Slits and Icons

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this beautiful mixture of fabric and icon set pieces. (Originally posted September 2014)

5 Things was a huge 6 part series conducted at North Point by Andy Stanley. The icons were designed by their media department to represent the five things God uses to grow our faith: Practical Teaching, Providential Relationships, Private Discipline, Personal Ministry, and Pivotal Circumstances. They decided to incorporate these icons into their set and every week enlarge the icon that represented the thing that Andy was teaching on.

How they did it:
The icons were cut out of MDF on a CNC router to give them their image and shape. They cut out a circular piece of milky white plexiglass with a jigsaw and liquid nailed them to the back of each icon. This allowed them to backlight them for the desired glowing effect.

The backdrop was made out of a 64″ espresso colored Encore fabric with horizontal slits cut every 6 inches. What looks like a solid wall was actually 9 columns of fabric. Each column had a pocket sown in on each side with a piece of aircraft cable running through it. The aircraft cable was attached to the floor on one end and to a pipe hanging from the roof. A turnbuckle at the top allowed them to tighten the cable, thereby tightening the fabric and giving it the seamless look seen in the photo. They also hung another solid white curtain behind the slit fabric so that they could back light the design with color.


Standing Guard X Triangles