Stage Designs

Standing Guard

Ben Salzmann from Christian Family Chapel in Jacksonville, FL brings us these beautiful, strong looking pieces.

They took inspiration from Lights and Patterns.

They wanted to do an LED tape design for the kickoff of their summer outreach programs. Ben liked the idea of light/color instead of trying to design a practical “set”. These fixtures were very simple and when placed in front of a blacked-out wall, they just look like floating boxes of color.

They constructed the frames out of MDF purchased from Lowes in 4×8′ sheets. The pieces were cut to spec, and then constructed using wood glue and finishing nails. Then the frames were painted black, and the inside was painted white to increase the brightness of the LED tape.

The LED Tape was Supernite 5050 bought on Amazon, along with the DMX decoder and power supply. To finish it off, they used parchment paper from the grocery store to diffuse the LEDs.fav

Glowing Pieces Throwback: Fabric Slits and Icons