Stage Designs

Glowing Pieces

Brian Tetter from Frederick Christian Fellowship Church in Frederick, MD brings us this great glowing look.

They used a combination of ideas for this stage set, some seen on CSDI.

The back wall consisted of 4 sheets of Coroplast to make the triple wide screen. Around that they made various sized boxes from 1x4s, with a Coroplast back and a ring of RGBW LEDs. The boxes could be lit with the LEDs and/or projection. They had 3 projectors mounted at the front of the stage to give them the triple wide projection and they used a mask to only project on the screen and inside the boxes.

The side pieces were made from metal studs with white Coroplast inside and a clear Coroplast cover, and some areas gaff-taped out to give the broken look. All of the LED tape was controlled by DMX decoder controllers.

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