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Frank Yazvac from Hope Church in Bettendorf, IA brings us these cool light bars and a great textured wall.

They created this design for their Easter set. A gentleman in the church made some 6 1/2 foot wood frames built like a trough. They painted the outside black and the inside of the trough white. Then they took LED tape and ran it up either side of the trough. The man had drilled a hole in the back of the bottom to feed the tape out the back for control. Frank had 6 LED DMX assignable control boxes that he attached at the back of each frame and then connected them all using DMX cable. He assigned each control box a different number so they could do different things with each light bar.

Then he ordered some 4×8 fluted transparent plastic sheets, cut them into strips that fit the front of the trough and attached them, so it hid the LED tape and diffused the light so it wasn’t quite so harsh. Then they mounted them directly on their stage floor and attached everything.

Because of already having the control boxes and having some wood lying around, they spent under $100.

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2 responses to “Lights and Patterns”

  1. Ben says:

    Where did you find the transparent coroplast for the diffusion?

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