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Throwback: Tilted Light

Scott Chamberlain from First Baptist Church Harvester in St. Charles, MO brings us this very twinkly and bright stage design. (Originally posted July 2013)

They got inspired by a Radiohead stage design that used LED panels and a light LED curtain.

Reusing much of the lighting and trussing that they had acquired over the years and a budget of about $1500, they built 5 LED panels out of wood, plexiglass, and RGB LED strip lights that line the inside border. They then built an LED string curtain out of 72 strings of warm white string lights placed on four separate dimming circuits to allow for subtle movement on the back wall. To create depth on the stage, they used 12 sticks of LED light triangular truss and arched them out from the back wall over the stage. Then they used 10 Color Kinetics iColor Accent LED tube lights hung 18″ off the back wall to give even more depth to the design. For crowd wash lighting, 12 Color Kinetics ColorBlast 6 fixtures mounted to the four lowest sticks of truss.

They ran into a bit of trouble with the LED panels limiting the range of motion of their moving lights, but were able to overcome that issue by pole mounting three of them just below the height of the panels to allow for full crowd sweeps. Another challenge was creating a durable stage design that could handle all the abuse that may be encountered in a student building. So instead of using Coroplast on these LED panels, they opted to use Plexiglass and wood for the construction along with four 1/16″ steel cables per panel to ensure that they remain safely intact for the duration of the design.







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6 responses to “Throwback: Tilted Light”

  1. Ryan Spencer says:

    Love the look and your use of trussing angles. What are you using for moving lights? They look small but have good output.

  2. J Wilson says:

    What kind of led strip lights did you use? We are thinking of using them to like the inside of wall panels to back light a stretch fabric.

  3. Eric Vardeman says:

    how do you power that many strings of lights?

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