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Circle Fun!

Jeremy C Framstad from Grace Community Church in Fremont, Ohio brings us this cool circle look with pixel tape.

From Jeremy: Our lighting team has done quite a few LED tape designs over the past few years and we wanted to attempt a pixel tape design. LED tape usually has 3 DMX channels for Red Green and Blue. We’ve found that it works great for many applications, but we wanted to also be able to control each LED on the tape. The Crossing Church has this amazing circle set this past year and we took our cues from them. We wanted 14 circles so we purchased 14 rolls of Pixel Tape and found a Pixel driver by a company called SmartShow. We purchased 7 Dual Universe Drivers that run on ArtNet.

We had a local company roll ½ steel rod to form our circles at varying diameters. We had 3, 4, and 5-foot diameter circles. We had some Tendo Spandex left over from another set that we stretched and glued to the steel circle. After that glue dried, we glued a 1” piece of vinyl around the circumference of the circle to which we then attached LED tape to the outside and Pixel Tape to the inside. The circles were hung with 1/8” black steel cable at varying heights. The power supplies, dmx decoders, and pixel drivers all were mounted in the ceiling.

For ease of use, we made each circle its own DMX universe. Each pixel had 3 address, 1 – Red, 2 – Green and 3 – Blue. It allowed us to control each pixel independently of each other. Our lighting platform is Jands Vista and our console surface is an L5. There were enough built-in effects to help us create some great lighting looks. To finish out this stage, we had 16 Mac101s sitting on the stage which created some great backlighting looks.

SmartShow ArtNet LED Driver
Pixel Tape
Tendo Fabric

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3 responses to “Circle Fun!”

  1. Lee Coate says:

    Love it ! You guys killed it !

  2. Chris Palazini says:

    Great job . . . . this really looks good.

    Another idea I may have to “borrow” at some point in time.

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