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Firefly Nets

What would three nets filled with fireflies look like? I imagine like this.

Angela Yee at University Covenant Church in Davis, California used different fabrics in front of Christmas lights to create this great Christmas set design. To rig up the fabric her team hung some pipe from the ceiling with hooks. Then they used duct tape and grommets to attach the fabric to the pipe. Voila!

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5 responses to “Firefly Nets”

  1. will says:

    what kind of fabric you used?

  2. Angela Yee says:

    Will, we used white voile from Rosebrand. It was on closeout so I don't know if they sell it any more… but it's 10 feet wide and fire resistant. I also detailed how we did it in this post:

  3. tina says:

    what kind of lights did u use running down the fabric, n how did u hang it

  4. Angela Yee says:

    They were regular Christmas lights (the green wire ones). We hung a black pole on the ceiling and tied the fabric to the pole. Also we hung the lights from the black pole. We just draped them over the top and let them run down behind the fabric. The dark green didn't show because the drapes behind were black.

  5. Vicki Trippe says:

    We need material and how to hang this up on our stage ?(

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