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I Screen, You Screen

We all screen for…stage design? Check out these screens from First Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois.

Thanks to Francis Kaggwa for submitting these Coroplast screens. Each of these five screens are created from 2×2 pieces of wood from Home Depot creating a two 2’x8′ frame rectangles held together with three door hinges. Then the Coroplast sheets are stapled onto each frame.

These screens are lit by Venue 64 par LED cans with two Elation Intelligent fixtures featured on the two far screens.

Firefly Nets Sideways

7 responses to “I Screen, You Screen”

  1. michele says:

    lovely, how did u get the lights inside d frame to have this fixed shape.

  2. Francis says:

    Thanks Michele.
    basically, I just positioned the fixtures in the same way for each of the screens…ie. same distance from screen, same incline angle…If the LED fixtures are the same brand, the shape of the light will be the same.

  3. janet says:

    Did you use clear or opaque coroplast?

  4. shad says:

    Question… is the coroplast translucent enough to shine a light from behind and for it to show through? If so, I assume you used basic white correct or was it clear?

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