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Todd Otte from Mariner’s Church in Irvine, California brings us this silhouetted excitement.

This set is constructed out of medium-density fibreboard. People were cut out of the MDF and painted black, then hung 8 inches away from an additional piece of MDF painted white and gray. The light gets absorbed into the black and reflects off the white. Brilliant!

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3 responses to “iPeeps”

  1. Chris says:

    Another way would be to hang white fabric panels and have smaller scale people cutouts behind them and then back-lit with color bulbs from behind from a low angle to make the shadows appear larger. Wouldn't get as clean or sharp a result though, but would allow for movement if you wanted to use live people for some reason. This is very cool!

    • sandy says:

      If you go to Home Depot in the painting area, they have these HUGE rolls of brown paper. (I think they’re to use as drop clothes) around $11. There has to be at least 100′ x 40″ (Est). I have made people with nice clean details- including spaces between arms and body, and openings through the hair. For stability atatch to cardboard. An old refridgorator box does nicely. I look for free or close to free matterials where ever possible.

  2. kunle says:

    this is great. i really love it. thank you Jonathan for keeping me updated.

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