Stage Designs

Facing the Stage

Dave VanKeulen from Impact Church in Lowell, MI brings us this design for their series, People of the Second Chance.

For three weeks, they collected headshots of every attender at their church, printed the photos on 11×17 paper using Photoshop automation, and created a wall-to-wall collage of over 1000 unique faces, all people & families that attend their church. This was a chance for them to get EVERYBODY invested in creative/inspiring set design.

An original piece of artwork was featured for each week of the series, focusing on a character of the Bible that supplemented the messages.

Featured were a collection of Chauvet Epix 2.0 strips, with multimedia screens and pixel mapping powered by Arkaos MediaMaster Express. LED/moving lighting features Elation EPARs, Platinum 5R Pros, and Rayzor Q12s. Wall washes provided by American DJ Mega Bar RGBAs.

This set was achieved with a modest budget of $200-$300, most if it being spend on reams of paper. All photos were printed in black and white on their in-house Xerox machine. Lighting fixtures were purchased last year and were simply repositioned/programmed on a series-by-series basis.









Christmas Piled Scrunchy