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Autumn Libengood from First Assembly Community Ministries in Lafayette brings us this cool industrial-looking stage design and electrical wire cross.

This was for their AD series set. They wanted to take the series which had lots of stone in the graphics and modernize it. They framed the outline first with laminate flooring they got at Menards for $45.00 for a box and cut 8 inch wide panels into 4 inch panels, screwed those into the walls. The they took window screening, around 8 rolls of it for around $25.00 each, and scrunched before they started to attach to the walls. They took and stapled it directly onto the walls while scrunching as they went. This created the effect you see here on the back.

Then they got Owens Corning™ FOAMULAR 250 3/4″ x 4′ x 8′ R-4 Rigid Foam Insulation and cut it down into triangles (small, medium and large) painted black and then created PDF files on the computer of the font they wanted and used a projector to project onto the triangles and hand painted the words. They hung them using eyelets on the corners of the triangles and used heavy fishing line to hang them from the lighting pipes. Then they built a cross out of wood and took and wrapped electrical wiring around it. This was a long process and took a good eye to make sure it laid right.

Their stage designer hand wrapped it and used a air staple gun to attach the wiring to the cross. They were able to get the wiring for free from a local business but if that had no happened, this cross would have cost a lot of money. They went through the building and got a lot of old wiring from their closets. Then they had a friend make them the amazing pipe lighting out of pipes and spindles. We used 2 smaller ones and 2 spindles. We used 16g wiring for the electric part, old looking light socks and Edison bulbs. Hours involved was around 80.
This stage design cost around $700.00

They would be happy to sell the cross since we are done with stage design along with the spindle pipe light. If interested, please email their stage designer at











Facing the Stage War Room

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