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Fast Fashion

Jill VanLandingham from Hilltop Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania brings us this fashionable stage design.

They built this set for a series titled “Reaching Forth”. They added muslin to their stage using Griff Clips. Simple.

Editor’s Note: I was talking to Jill and she wasn’t so excited about their chandeliers. However the chandeliers and the fact that the building was built with logs…actually makes the stage unique. It reminds me of a Forever XXI-type clothing store. My point? Sometimes these old remnants in our buildings shouldn’t be things we hate…they can add a unique element to our services. Thoughts?

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4 responses to “Fast Fashion”

  1. JExtron says:

    I noticed the chandeliers right away and thought they were great! And while you may like to mix it up, and should, the log building adds a really cool texture to the backdrop. Now I want to sit down and design a way to get that look on my stage with a "stupid" white concrete wall. :)

  2. Jason Power says:

    We have a very similar church building – screen in the middle and even the chandeliers. This is very encouraging to see. I've been struggling with ideas and this had definitely given me some. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ryan Spencer says:

    The contrasting colors on the layers gives a cool "jump out at you" look. I'll have to keep that in mind for future ideas.

    JExtron – I keep everything neutral colors, preferably mid-greys and use LED lights to color the stage areas. Just a thought.

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