Special Event Design


The team at Crossroads Fellowship Church in Berea, Kentucky brings us this industrial set design for their series, “Faith Factor”.

Obviously based on the “Fear Factor” television show, they used salvaged materials–only spending $100 of their own money. They started by nailing sheets of old, rusty tin to the back wall. All of the old electrical components (breaker boxes, meter pole, outlets, etc.) were rounded up from local businesses who had spare parts or scrap lying around. Same goes for the barrel and scaffolding that we used as a ladder.

They made their own graphics and projected the image onto cabinet grade plywood to trace and paint the logo seen on the doors. The doors themselves were also plywood sheets, painted to look like metal with 2×4 frames all the way around. They bought the striped safety tape from Lowe’s to accent the doors, barrel and power boxes. Finishing touches were a spool of wire and fire extinguisher sitting against the wall.

They lit the bottom section with four Par64 cans and yellow gels. The top is lit with four Par 64 cans with red gels. The graphics they designed were used on their outside screens.

Fast Fashion Glow Boxes