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Fiberglass Crosses

Ryan Killebrew from Harvest Community Church in Mesa, Arizona brings us these towering fiberglass crosses.

They built these crosses for their Easter service from corrugated fiberglass. Each cross consisted of two panels that were joined by a 2×4 frame on the back. On the stage they attached a sheet of muslin fabric so that they could illuminate the front of the cross with one color and the back with a different color.

The front of the cross was lit with an LED strip and the back was lit with an LED light strip (aimed at the cross bar) and LED Par64. The only materials they bought were 4 corrugated panels, 2x4s, and screws.

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6 responses to “Fiberglass Crosses”

  1. Brian says:

    How did you cut it out

    • Ryan says:

      We used a reciprocating saw (sawzall) and a steady hand! Since it’s corrugated fiberglass and not metal, it was actually very easy to cut.

  2. Ed Donlon says:

    I might like to try something similar for our Easter service this year. I’m trying to understand how each cross is two panels. Is one opaque and one translucent and they are stacked? Or is it two panels tall and then the muslin fabric is what is being back lit?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Ryan says:

      Hi Ed,

      The two panels were 2′ x 8′ sheets of grey corrugated fiberglass. They overlap in the vertical center of the cross (the top and bottom). The fiberglass was screwed to the frame every few inches with screws. Then the muslin fabric was attached to 2×4 frame on the back of the structure.

  3. Jonathan Parker says:

    LOVED this concept. I am using a spawned off version of this for our 3 easter weeks starting this sunday. I will send photos once finished.

  4. John Bremer says:

    Could you email me and give me a few more specifics. i really like this look and would love to try this…..

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