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Ben Moore from Valley Christian Center in Fresno, California brings us this mosaic of color.

To create this design they sawed 2×4’s in half to create 2×2’s (cheaper than 2×2’s and less warped). They build the frames and the mosaic framing from those. The mosaic panels were 96in tall and 36in wide. After the framing was built they painted them flat black.

To keep the cost low they used a cotton fabric ($74 total) and stretched it across the back side of the frames. Then they stapled around the outer frame only. They used LED light bars and par cans to light the whole thing.

Leaning Fiberglass Crosses

5 responses to “Fractured”

  1. Chris Brouns says:

    OUTSTANDING!!!!! Modern take on the awesome oldschool staple of stained glass! Very very cool!

  2. ivan says:

    this is amazing… what type of materials did you guys use to make this??

  3. Balida L. Bland, Chicago says:

    I absolutely love this concept! The look of modern stained-glass creates a sanctuary setting while providing a great backdrop for a praise and worship event or even a religious theatre presentation.

  4. Ray says:

    Could you tell me how you all were able to allow the panels to stand upright?

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