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Jessica King from Calvary Christian Church in Townsville, Queensland, Australia brings us this set for their series “God in Hollywood”—built around the spiritual themes in several recent movies.

They were inspired by Woven Bubbles. Their budget was $500, which covered stage design and a ‘step and repeat’ photo wall and red carpet for the foyer. It worked out to cost roughly $250 per area.

The main design material used on stage was white corflute (known in the US as Coroplast). They used 11 sheets of 1200mm x 900mm x 3mm corflute to hang on three sides around the centre screen. They kept 7 sheets at full size for the larger panels and cut 4 sheets into thirds for the smaller panels. They used gaff tape to secure two lines of heavy fishing line down each run of panels to create the illusion that they were floating in mid air. They had a 4m drop either side of the screen and a 5m length under the screen. For the length under the screen, they hung each panel individually with fishing line to the base of the screen and secured each one with tape to the back curtain so they didn’t sway. They washed the panels with light from multiple angles to create the overall ‘glow’. They secured 18 warm white house light bulbs across the truss bar to mimic old Hollywood glamour. These were patched into their system in sets of 3 so they could be chased and pulsed during praise and worship.

For the sides of the stage, they used 8 of the corflute panels (4 each side) to create film negative strips. 2 panels were secured together to make one strip. They ruled the lines we wanted and taped it up with black gaff tape. They then arranged the panels on top of each other, taped them together and secured 2 lines of fishing line to hang them over the side curtains.

For the photo wall, they bought a 2500mm x 2400mm rubber-back curtain drop which cost around $25 for the cut due to being slightly marked floor stock. Nothing a wet cloth couldn’t fix. they paid a signwriter to make up metal stencils of their logos ($88) and spray-painted each logo onto the backdrop individually.

The backdrop was hemmed with 3 velcro tabs sewn down the right and left side so they could pull it tight on the frame.

They built the 2500mm x 2100mm frame out of PVC piping and threaded the backdrop through the top and bottom pipes. The ‘red carpet’ was actually just a throw rug that Jessica found in a local craft store. It cost $30 for a 2500mm length. They set up their 2 professional photography lighting boxes from proper lighting.







Wood Texture Wall Superhero Base

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