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Filtered Patterns

Brent Wernsing from New Walk Church in Zephyrhills, FL brings us this very cool use of lighted air filters.

They took different sized air filters and placed them on 14ft x 2ft frames. Then they lit them from behind using Par64 LEDs.

In between the filters, they had 10 Chavuet LED Pinspots and on the outside were 2 Chavuet Intimdator Spot 2’s.

In one of their satellite campuses they placed the air filters in 4ftx8ftx1in foam core.

noid-NewWalkChurch_4 noid-photo_4


noid-photo_33 noid-photo_1


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2 responses to “Filtered Patterns”

  1. Brent says:

    You can see the filters in action a bit here.

  2. This looks great – cleans the air and looks cool.

    BRILLIANT IDEA! Thanks for sharing.

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