Special Event Design

Firmly Rooted

Bill Pendleton at Liberty Heights Church in Liberty Township, Ohio brings us this cross with roots.

They started with a cross they already had on hand. They wanted it to be the center instead of the roots.

To create the root system they first added a large riser to the back of their stage and covered it with black fabric. Then they bought large rolls of butcher paper. They rolled and crushed it to make it look twisted and gnarled. They also bought one box of flexible duct work from Lowes and covered it with the paper. They used screws to mount the flexible air duct pieces to the base of cross. The twisted roots were attached to the cross and wall with screws, fishing line, and staples.

Tip: Spraying the paper with water helps to shape the roots.

They used plants, ferns, and moss from around the building to add to the natural look. They also applied spray paint to the roots to give them a more natural appearance under the lights.

They lit the set from above with 3 LED opti Tri 30’s and under with 2 thin Par 64’s. They used 2 American DJ Mega Bar 50’s on each side of the trees.

The rest of lighting was a combination of 48 pars and lekos, and 2 Robie 575xt Colorwashes.

Total cost of design was $35 because they recycled from around the building.

Words, Simply Clumped Zags