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Jon McKinley from Calvary Christian Center brings us this fishy stage design for under $100.

They have a fisherman who attends their church. He donated an old metal boat to the design. They got an artist from their congregation to paint the ugly green boat to look like a wooden boat.

Then they bought some net on Amazon.com ($60 for 9×100 net) and hung it with some dramatic drapes from the ceiling. They lit the net with led bar lights they got from amonstar.com.

They made the pulpit out of lattice pieces bought from Home Depot for around $.98 each ($20 total). The barrel was donated by a local coffee distribution warehouse. They ages the barrel and pulpit with a blow torch (outside).

They built the dock from an old fence and the pylons were made from some old telephone poles a member of the church had at his warehouse.

The rope was bought at Home Depot for $.59 a foot (40ft).

The total cost for the stage, minus existing lights, was right around $100.

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2 responses to “Fishers”

  1. jimmy says:

    That is really creative. I love it. And for under a $100 bucks is amazing.

  2. This is amazing! Great job! I love it!

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