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I Have a Crush

Chad Elliot from Revolution Church in Canton, GA brings us this this delicious stage design.

Crush sign:
How they made it:

  • 2 4×8 sheets of 2 inch insulation
  • Projected their logo for the series on to the insulation boards and traced it out
  • Cut it with a sheet rock saw
  • Sanded and painted with water based paint.
  • Glued it together with superglue and added screws from the back side to give it stability.
  • Hung on stage with fishing line.

The top Crush portion was back lit with rope lights and controlled from a dimmer pack.

Other stage components:

  • 24 spandex framed circles with red fabric in the center
  • 5 mega bar led fixtures lighting from the bottom
  • 4 led fixtures lighting from the top truss
  • 4 led par cans lighting from the top truss

Climbing the Walls Fishers

3 responses to “I Have a Crush”

  1. Jimmy says:

    I know it would be so much easier to simply project a logo on a screen. But man what a difference all that time made in their design. That logo looks awesome!

  2. Dan says:

    Love the logo. What did you use for the circle frames? The insulation material is that a ‘home improvement store’ purchase?

  3. Nathan Fox says:

    Looks awesome!

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