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Sean Bolinger from Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, WA brings us this really cool use of LED and wood.

They were inspired by their last set design. They liked the wood paneling portion of that set so much that they decided to build an entire set out of it. The set was 40’ wide and 24’ high.

They started by getting 4×8 sheets of plywood from Home Depot that had a really cool wood grain to them, then they stained them a light brown color to help the wood grain pop. They assembled 8×8 squares using two pieces of the plywood so that they had 15 8×8 squares. Then they built 107 troughs for the LED’s to sit in, they were “L” shaped and they used 3” pieces of ½” plywood and 1½” pieces of 1/8” plywood to create them. Then on the back of the 8×8 squares, they used chalk line to snap lines where the troughs would go on the front. Then they stood the 8×8’s up and stapled the troughs on from the back of the 8×8’s while someone held the trough on the front. The vertical troughs were 1’ apart and the horizontals were 2’ apart. Then they assembled all the 8×8’s into the wall.

To attach the LED’s to the set, they found a staple gun that was used for attaching Ethernet cable to walls. It shoots a big staple that allows for something to pass under it. They put all the staples in and then slid the LED strips through. For the vertical sections, they used double stick tape to hold the LED’s up so that gravity wouldn’t pull them back down.

They also built a smaller version that was 42’ wide and 15’ high at their other campus. That one also had the top middle section left out to accommodate a center screen.

With all the materials, this sized set would cost about $3300 brand new. But since they had a large portion of the material from previous sets, they only spent around $1700 on this one.



















Fan Blades Arched Stained Glass

7 responses to “Flagged”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    My hat is off to you! Way to be a rockstar and come up with such an outstanding set. I know your team must have put a lot of time into it. It looks great! Amazing job!


  2. Tim Sherwood says:

    I love the way this looks. Good work. Is this up against a back wall or did you have to do any rigging. It looks like it would be heavy

  3. Ryan S says:

    Awesome. How many LED controllers did you use?

  4. Very Nice Design and great scale.
    Can you provide some particulars on the LED lighting controls. How many channels, which DMX interfaces box, RGB interface, power supplies?
    How did you support your 24′ by 40′ wall? Did you build a Frame? What kind?
    Thanks for submitting.

  5. Daniel Carrai says:

    Where is the best place to get those LED strips?

  6. Daniel says:

    How many controllers did you need ? Per 8×8. Amazing job by the way. Loved the set when we attended Vision.

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