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29 Hours

Alayande Kunle from Real Life Christian Centre in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria brings us this great design for an event that lasted 29 hours straight!

The event lasted for 29 hours straight with no break in between.

The stage dimensions were 42ft by 21ft. The event supplied the LED screen (P3) with the size 14ft by 8ft. The Real Life team constructed a set to cover for the remaining space.

The screen was raised by a structure of 4ft high so as to elevate the screen.

The set was constructed basically from wood and spandex materials to cover the back.

The set construction took 3 days with 3 people working on the construction.

Stage lighting:
8 Moving head beams
46 LED 3in1 lights
Trussing system (32ft by 18ft)

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2 responses to “29 Hours”

  1. Dominick says:

    Why did it last 29 hours

    • Alayande Kunle says:

      Dominick…sorry for the late response. It was a praise worship/Thanksgiving service that took the form of Marathon. That is common around here.

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