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Youthful Pallets

Noah Aderman from Steele Creek Church of Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina brings us this youth room pallet design.

Steele Creek Youth had been without a stage design for about a year. They needed something that could be functional for multiple ministries as well since they shared a room. They also wanted something modern that made their room feel like a youth room. Then came forth the pallet wall.

They aimed to cover the majority of the main back wall for their stage which was about 20 feet wide and 11 feet tall. They had to make two frames to span the gap of the pallet wall because their back space was so wide, and from there they screwed the frames into the studs in the back wall. Their exact frame measurements for the two identical frames they made was 116″x139″.

The pallet wall was constructed out of approximately 40-50 pallets that a team of 4 guys took a part. The first day the pallets were taken apart, which took in between 4-6 hours. The next day they built 2 identical frames out of 2x4s that went side by side against the wide wall, screwed into the wall, and after pallets began to be added to the frame. Day 3 was composed of finishing off nailing the pallets into the frame and stringing the incandescent lights throughout the room. The pallets were nailed into the 2x4s with a nail gun. That day they also brought their TV’s down off of the celling mounts and onto truss. Day 4 concluded with mounting 7 Chauvet COLORBand Pix lights to the walls for light. Five of those Pixs were mounted to light the pallet wall, the other two were mounted on the sides next to the truss for additional light.

Their final touch was making doors on the pallet wall for their sound cables to be accessible. Their outputs from their sound board ran in the ceiling and were mounted in the wall they just covered with the pallet wall. Thus, they made doors out of pallet wood, a 2×4, and a couple hinges.

Their total cost was less than $100. All they had to buy were the 2x4s, nails, and hinges. They got all of their pallets off of Craigslist for free. Their labor was around 15-20 hours for everything.











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