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Flat Panel Sails

Eugene Faith Center, in collaboration with Stretch Shapes, in Eugene, Oregon created this custom stage design for their Easter services. The Eugene Faith Center is a part of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. They have been a prominent member of the Eugene community since 1969, building a “relationship with God, [themselves] and others”. Stretch Shapes is a Eugene based stretch fabric company with roots to the Eugene Faith Center. The owner and his family had attended for many years, so he went to the Faith Center and asked if they could donate and design a special set for their stage area. They have worked with houses of worship across the country for some time, but haven’t worked within their local community, and they felt compelled to give back.

The Process

Lisa, from Eugene Faith Center, and Niko, from Stretch Shapes, collaborated for two weeks on this project discussing color schemes, stage angles, lighting, and floral arrangements. It was important not to distract from the message of Easter, nor to deviate from the natural northwest feel of the Church. Wood and earthy colors give this sanctuary a homey and relaxed feel. Keeping this intact was necessary as to not be too jarring for the congregation, so Niko designed a simple set of Flat Panel Sails in Bone and Sage colors, with some specially toned lighting to add depth and subtle uniqueness.

The Setup

Pipe and Base supports with cross bars are a common support system used for stage designs and can be rented at many local stage rental companies. They are not the most appealing to look at so custom Pipe and Base Plate Covers in Sage were used to mask the metal posts and plates. The 4’ x 8’ custom Flat Panels were then attached to the top and bottom of the posts with simple, clear, zip ties. The Panels were then lit with Color Kinetics CB12s each with an RGBAW color mix. RGBAW stands for red, green, blue, amber, and white; having this particular color mix was vital as the amber and white gave the panels a warm glow with a touch of green added to coordinate with the spring feel.

After the services, the set was taken down and gifted to the Faith Center to be used in many events in the future.









Branched Cross Light-Filled Boxes

3 responses to “Flat Panel Sails”

  1. Stephanie says:

    This is looks amazing! I want to have a set up like this at my church to liven things up a little. Those panels really improved the look of the stage.

  2. Anders says:

    This is such a cool design! I can definitely see the mix of traditional and modern in the idea. Great work!

  3. Thomas Branley says:

    Thanks for showing this idea. I like the use of the pipe and drape supports because we have a bunch of these at our church.

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