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He and She

Becca Matthews from Catalyst Church in Evansville, IN brings us these married silhouettes.

The name for this series was “Fixing Us”. They used the universal symbols for the stage design from the graphic on both sides. The graphics on the right side were made to be posable so that the symbol could be repositioned to go with the topic that week. When the topic was about being a Godly husband, the woman symbol was pointing at the husband. When they focused on children, they added children and the man and woman held the child’s hand.

The symbols were cut out of a 1/2 inch foam core sheet that cost around 10 dollars at a local hardware store. They were predominantly kept white for lighting effects with the exception of the universal man on the left whose tux and bow tie were painted gray. A hot knife was used to cut out the shapes and the posable joints were hinged with screws and washers.









Light-Filled Boxes Sproing!

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  1. I love your graphic and its’ byline as well. Great symbolism in your stage design.

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