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Flexible Pallets

Jeremy Ginn from FBC Pleasanton in Pleasanton, TX brings us this versatile pallet set.

From Jeremy: I wanted to have a set I could repurpose multiple times without having to deconstruct anything and something that was inexpensive. So a local business donated a stack of heavy duty pallets and I painted one side of them white and left the other side natural wood. I’ve been able to reuse them a couple of times now for different venues and they look totally different from each set.

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2 responses to “Flexible Pallets”

  1. David Boss says:

    How did you attach each pallet to each other.

    • Jeremy Ginn says:

      Sorry for the really late reply! They were screwed to each other from the backside using 1×4 slays and 2×4’s to give the structure rigidity.

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