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Creation Banners

Brad Berkan from Southridge Community Church in Lloydminster, SK brings us this design for a Creation series.

From Brad: As we entered into a series on “Creation” based on the first two chapters of Genesis, we wanted to create a garden feel on stage.

The large open-weave white banners were just over 4′ wide and about 14′ long at the longest edge. We found the fabric on sale and added a 6″ fringe to the bottom of each banner when they were sewn. The fabric and trim for the banners were about $150. The banners were lit with two SlimPar Pro LED fixtures on each banner allowing us to blend colors from top to bottom. We also used Martin SCX600’s with a rotating breakup gobo to provide the appearance of movement to the banners. When the banners were lit with blue light – they had the appearance of waterfalls.

We covered the entire 4o’ wide x 20′ deep stage with artificial grass (many people thought it was real grass sod.) At just over $1000, the artificial grass was one of the biggest expenses for this design, but we were able to use it for a art exhibit on the same theme – so it serve double purpose. We surrounded the drums, grand piano, and other instruments with a variety of trees and shrubs.

The remainder of the stage was lit with a variety of LED fixtures for color and also some Source 4’s with a leaf breakup pattern to give the feels of the sun shining through the trees.

Flexible Pallets Piped and Layered

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