Stage Designs

Room for Living

Brad Berkan from Southridge Community Church in Lloydminster, SK brings us this living room set design.

From Brad: As I began planning for an eight week long exploration of the Lord’s prayer during our worship time borrowing themes from Max Lucado’s “The Great House of God,” I decided to dress the stage as “God’s Living Room,”

Much of the design utilized set pieces we had from previous theatre productions at the church. I had built the large swag draperies for a previous show – and had them in storage, as well as the window frames. I printed and framed the “Prodigal Son” photo for over the fireplace – as we felt that would be fitting artwork for “God’s Living Room.”

The largest two expenses for the set was the Chandelier hanging over the grand piano (we found the chandelier on sale at Home-Depot for about $200) and the Fireplace for the stage (also on Sale at Home Depot and about $300.) The biggest challenge with these two items was finding something with a large enough scale that they wouldn’t be dwarfed by the size of the stage. We ended up “building up” the fireplace to increase its weight on stage.

The chairs, trunk, rugs and other props were items we had in storage from previous presentations.

The series on the Lord’s prayer lasted about 8 weeks.

Piped and Layered Tabs and Spaces