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Jeremy Ginn from FBC Pleasanton in Pleasanton, TX brings us simple, portable use of Coroplast.

From Jeremy: Two 4×8 Black and two White sheets of Coroplast.

I created two 4×8 frames out of 2x4s, made feet for them, then painted them black. While they dried between layers, I cut up white coroplast using the handy CoroCutter that I found on eBay. I used the cardboard backing squares that come on cheap bookcase cubes as the pattern. I laid out the pieces till I was happy with the arrangement, then used Gorilla Glue brand glue sticks and a quality glue gun to attach the white coroplast to the black sheet. This is the best way to attach coroplast to each other. They’ve held up through several moves and lots of trailer time! Works way better than superglue! They can’t be pried apart!!

After the pieces were glued together, I screwed the panels to the completed stands.

On my RGB wash bars, I wanted to face them towards the audience but they were way too bright and pixelated to do that, so I used a sheet of wax paper and used the lens to cut the sheet so it would slide into the light under the lens. This works perfectly to blend the light output just enough to take the edge off. It worked so well I’ve kept them installed for the last few events.

The whole set is a quick 20 minute setup and stores easily in my trailer between uses. I run everything on a touchscreen laptop and wireless DMX.

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