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Floating Blocks

Dan Litwiller from Rochester Christian Church in Rochester, Illinois brings us these jelly-fish-like hanging block.

Dan hung the coroplast boxes from the pipes/battens that run along their stage ceiling.  He attached black chain to two opposite sides of the boxes with white zip ties and I attached the chains to the pipes with black zip ties. The ellipsoidals and pars were hung facing straight down, and the top of the Coroplast was hung even with the front of the light. Check out the photos to see what it’s all about.

At the Movies Picture Frame

3 responses to “Floating Blocks”

  1. mike says:

    my sister goes to this church! good to see another central illinois church i know on csdi.

  2. Dustin says:

    What type lights did you use in this design. I’m on a budget looking to make a few of the towers on the stage.

    • Dan Litwiller says:

      For the floor lights I used Chauvet’s Colorado par can LED’s…the run about $600.00 You could easily use a light by American DJ or a less expensive Chauvet light too. I have purchased small chauvet color splash’s before they only cost $60, but aren’t going to put out nearly as much punch as these. Also, I used stage lights for the towers that were hanging but you would have to use LED’s for the ones on the floor. With the coroplast sitting right on top of the light you need a light that doesn’t put out any heat.

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